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VR Adventures 

For those of you who are just now getting familiar with Virtual Reality, VR has the potential to change the world unlike any technology before it. Mankind’s challenges have never been greater than today, and virtual reality’s unique ability to immerse people into an experience is unmatched. Virtual reality can connect us and create empathy by opening our eyes to someone else's perspective.

The technology (headsets, controllers, software, sensors, etc.) has advanced to a level where we can now experience VR functions straight out of science-fiction movies and literature, such as in competitive gaming and high-end entertainment.

But, what are other applications of VR beyond what we have historically seen in sci-fi? VR hardware is now widely accessible to the public with products like HTC's Vive (my favorite of course!), so what about innovative uses of VR for people who aren’t serious gamers or cinephiles? What new applications for VR are out there that we never thought of before? It was one thing to conceptually theorize about Matrix-esque realities in the past in things like Star TrekReady Player One, Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, William Gibon’s Virtual Light, and the Otherland series by Tad Williams, but now we can actually put on a headset and step into a real-life holodeck in our living rooms (or at least a very convincing visual representation of one).

Here five ways that people are applying VR in new, accessible, and innovative ways.