ESPN's "The UNdefeated" JOins Forces with SUgar gamers

Through candid interviews and event coverage at Evo 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Keisha Howard explores the evolution of the e-sports industry.


WATCHMOJO'S "Bolt to E3 Gaming Road TriP"

WatchMojo teamed up with Chevy, Nintendo of Canada and NVIDIA to put Keisha and three other fun loving gamers in two cars to get from San Francisco to E3.


The virgin hotel invites keisha so speak on the future of female entrepreneurs

In their ongoing series of panel discussions dedicated to entrepreneurs and startups, The Virgin Hotel brought together 5 inspiring female entrepreneurs for a morning of coffee and candid conversation.


KEISHA HOWARD is highlighted by model view culture

In their in depth look at diversity in the field of technology, Model View Culture tapped Keisha to offer a thought on the importance of representation.



Keisha opens up about her motivations and her background, as well as her hopes for the future of inclusion and diversity in the fields of gaming and tech.



In this interview for the Chicago Inno podcast, Keisha talks about why consumerism is limiting geek culture, her belief in indie video games, and how diverse gamers can retake the narrative.


TED x taps keisha howard to speak  in richmond, virginia

In an evening dedicated to highlighting the stories of amazing women, TEDxRVA invited Sugar Gamers founder Keisha Howard to present on October 28th at Richmond, Virginia's Byrd Theatre. features Keisha howard in their Women of Wednesday series

Keisha participates in a micro-interview with Medium discussing her views on on diversity in the fields of gaming and technology, and what it means to be "a Geek of All Trades."


Professional geek podcast sits down with keisha howard to talk gaming, technology, and fighting robots

In this episode, Keisha discusses how she accidentally became an entrepreneur, how she actively sought opportunities to be the diverse voice in the room, and the insight she’s received along the way.


Seriously badass women does an in depth q+a with keisha Howard

SBAW digs into Keisha's communications background and interest in business innovation that led her to the Information Technology Industry, and how it ultimately led to the creation of Sugar Gamers. calls on keisha howard to participate in their girl gamer series

Keisha joins a collection of some of the most well known women in the world of gaming to discuss the many issues surrounding representation and inclusion within the industry. 


Clothing Line Shenova taps Keisha Howard to model to dresses from their latest collection

Shenova a line that creates apparel inspired by women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), asked Keisha Howard and Fan-Pei Kuong to model their newest collection of dresses.