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Influencer Marketing Expert

As a professional deeply rooted in the gaming community, Keisha Howard is able to build symbiotic relationships with influential gamers/cosplayers/developers on Facebook and Instagram (also with Twitch, Youtube, and Linkedin).  With proper collaborations with influencers, they can produce engaging content and projects which inspire others to engage with my clients product. With my help, my clients will build enduring bonds with influencers, develop captivating content across social networks, and bolster the work of all types of gamers and geek culture enthusiasts on a national scale.




  • Build and maintain influencer relationships for client
  • Organize and maintain status of influencer projects and content release calendar
  • Coordinate influencer content to align with annual Marketing goals
  • Develop a high level of technical awareness of client product
  • Share personal network (developed over 9 years) to help develop client relations
  • Research new influencers on social channels and bring them into clients influencer network
  • Assist with social media management and inquiries from those wanting to join your program
  • Travel to meet with influencers in-person (30-50% Travel)


  • An understanding of how affiliate and influencer programs work (bloggers, YouTubers, Insta-famous folk)
  • Ability to travel freely
  • Evolving social media expertise
  • On air, talent, spokesperson, and influencer expereince for various product
  • Customer-facing / relationship building experience
  • Significant experience with phone and email communication (customer success-oriented)
  • Proactive problem solving skills. Ability to partner with influencers to help find multiple solutions to marketing related problems
  • Ability to display high ego resiliency in response to customer challenges
  • Genuine interest and expereince in video games, AR, VR, MR
The Undefeated sends Keisha Howard of the Sugar Gamers to walk through three days of games, trash talk, and the future of women in the Fighting Game Community.

Clients include ESPN, AT&T, Watchmojo, and more.